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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in Queens,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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Fairyland in the mid-1950's (1 of 2).

--Raymond J. DeStefano

Fairyland in the mid-1950's (2 of 2).

--Raymond J. DeStefano

This is a photo of an Elmhurst Alpines game from the 30's or 40's. My great uncle played on the Alpines.

--John Ogg

This was taken during the Christmas blizzard of 1947 in front of our apartment at 35-28 80th Street in Jackson Heights.

--Eric Greene

This is the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, part of the West Side Tennis Club, in 1931. To the right are homes along Dartmouth Street where I lived. In the distance you can see the Long Island railroad station and Forest Hills Gardens on Continental Avenue.

--Simon Garth

Here is Kew Gardens at the intersection of Lefferts Boulevard and Austin Street, sometime around 1940. The faux tudor architecture was very prevalent in the neighborhood and as kids we always considered those buildings to be castles.

--Simon Garth

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