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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in Queens,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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The monument in photo was located on the northwest corner of 108th Street and 42nd Avenue in Corona. This picture was taken circa 1943-44.

--Submitted by John Greco

These are pictures of the now defunct Rexall Drugstore on the corner of Woodhaven Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven, taken around 1958 or '59 after a truck hit the support beam and knocked down the front of the building. It had just been repaired and my grandparents, Joe and Anne Bugno, took the picture to send to us in Rockaway. They owned the building and ran the drugstore from the 40's till the 60's when they retired. (2 views). I spent many a happy Saturday afternoon at the soda fountain, "helping" grandma.

--Submitted by Susan Waters

Editor's Note: judging by model of the taxicab, it would seem likely that these pictures were taken in the late sixties at the earliest.

This photo was taken in front of my house at 57th Avenue and Seabury Street. In the background on the right is the Elmwood Movie Theater when it was called QueensBoro Theater. I'm not sure of the date but look at those light posts. That's my grandfather in the foreground.

--Submitted by Bill Greene

This photo was taken in 1969 on 217th Street in Bayside, at the intersection with 49th Avenue.

--Submitted by Camille Quarrier Bradford

This is a picture of Elderts lane in Woodhaven (the border of Brooklyn and Queens. To the right side of the street is Brooklyn; the left side is Queens. It was strange that we had Brooklyn house numbers (#84) with a Woodhaven Post Office and our neighbor across the street had Queens house numbers (88-02). Since that is my parents' 1973 Chevy Caprice on the right, I think the picture was taken in the mid-70's. This picture was taken on Elderts Lane at 88th Avenue. The church is at the corner of Etna Street. Franklin K. Lane High school is behind us.

--Submitted by Mike Mullins

This was the Astoria Branch Library, located on Astoria Boulevard and 14th Street in Astoria.

--Submitted by Barbara Iuliani (d'angelo)

This was my friend at the Astoria Pool with the Hellgate Bridge in the background. The two towers in the pool are long gone.

--Submitted by Barbara Iuliani (d'angelo)

Here is Junction Boulevard during the Blizzard of February 1967, with the traffic pretty much at a halt, including the Triboro Coach bus. That's the Paris building of Lefrak City. You can see the Adrian Bake Shop and Whitestone Savings. The store at the right is Hill's Supermarket. It was originally Penn Fruit when we moved there in 1963. It subsequently became Hills-Korvette, and in later years was a Key Food. The empty space to the right is a vacant lot where within a few years they built a Lefrak office tower.

--Submitted by Jeffrey Morris, South Salem, NY

Proof positive that the restaurant business has been tough for a long time: Here, in the summer of 1967, they're removing the sign from Bel Mondo's Restaurant that had just opened about a year earlier. A women's clothing boutique called Randi's has opened next door. Two stores down on 57th Avenue is a Chinese Laundry that had been built on to the front of an old wood frame house a couple of years previously; you can still see the house sticking up. The entire corner had originally been those same row houses. Further down the block is a "One Hour Martinizing," a wine & liquor store, a luncheonette (with old Coca-Cola sign), and a pharmacy (I think it was the Lefrak Pharmacy). So far as I know, not a single business that was in this area still exists.

--Submitted by Jeffrey Morris, South Salem, NY

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